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Saturday, 04 December 2010 16:15

Europen Professional Championship Title, Frankfurt - Germany 27-11-2010

Dr Walid Kassas Supervised on the KOWAT ALRAMI European Pro Title in Frankfurt – Germany , Dennis Bauer - Germany VS Phil Evans – Wales.

At the invitation of the German AFSO, Organizing by Dr. Attila Fuhrmann-Shutze.  Dr. Walid Kassas the President of the World Federation of KOWAT ALRAMI Sports & Self-defense, supervised  the KOWAT ALRAMI, European Pro Title  championship in Frankfurt, Germany 27/12/2010, with the participation of each of the following countries: United States - France - United Kingdom - Belgium - Wales - Finland - Germany - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Russia - Scotland - and gave the refreshment Seminar in KOWAT ALRAMI Sports, before the start of the tournament in the presence of a member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Federation of KOWAT ALRAMI Sports Mr. Samer Halima from Syria, who took part in turn in the Judges for the professional’s Fight Title.

The Fight was between Denis Bauer from Germany VS Phil Evans From Wales both of them Start to compete on a Pro Belt Title Champion of Europe in the KOWAT ALRAMI = Power of Throwing,

Start bout strongly between the heroes and fixed for five rounds, the Ring Referee was  Dr. Attila Fuhrman a member of the Board of Director of the WFKA, assisted by three judges of Wales - Germany - Syria Mr. Samer Halima Administrative Board member of the Arab Federation of KOWAT ALRAMI Sports, and headed the supervision of Dr. Walid Kassas, appeared to profiles of high artistic nullity, and the result of the match winning hero of Wales Mr. Phil Evans, on the hero German Denis Bauer knockout in the Third Round.

Then went to the Ring President of the WFKA Dr. Walid Kassas for the granting of belt European Championship for the winner and cups of invalidity together and took souvenir pictures through it and is worth mentioning that the interaction of the public and the enthusiasm with this match was very special and showed everyone in attendance of the heads of associations and teams impressed strongly in this Style, and expressed their desire to join the World Federation of KOWAT ALRAMI Sports  power and participation in international championships & Events.









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