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WORLD FEDERATION OF KOWAT ALRAMI & SELF DEFENCE الاتحاد الدولي لرياضات قوة الرمي والدفاع عن النفس


Intercontinental Seminar
24.02.2011 - 03.03.2011
Ukraine -


 دورة تدريبية دولية في إسلوب قوة الرمي في كييف - أوكرانيا

Trainers & Referees Seminar in Kiev - Ukraine , 2011 





Grand Master Dr. Walid Kassas gives Lectures & Training Seminars in Kiev – Ukraine in KOWAT ALRAMI Sports and Method of Self-Defense

At the invitation of the two Federations Ukrainian Union of kickboxing, and the Federation of the KOWAT ALRAMI & Self-Defense, to the Grand Master Dr. Walid Kassas to Kiev - Ukraine, from February 24th to 2nd March, 2011, he gave the two sessions of Training and Lectures about KOWAT ALRAMI Sports, with the participation of many coaches and athletes of all ages, in preparation for the World Championship,  coming to be held in Kiev - Ukraine of May 2011.

At the outset the definition from Presidents of Ukranian Unions , are welcomed about Dr. Walid Kassas and appreciate his presence and responsive to the invitation, and their  and in turn thanked them for their invitation and hospitality they experienced them, and exchanged commemorative shields, and then Dr. Walid Kassas start the Lecture for the identification of  KOWAT ALRAMI Sports, advantages, and explained the Rules of Competition, and the translation Instant English to Ukrainian Colonel Professor Boris Shapovalov, has won the admiration of the sport all attendees, and then start the exercises after the operation and giving techniques, and has trained some coaches the rules of the Kowat Alrami sports, within the techniques required for this sport.Based on tests carried out for some trainers and evaluation, received the Instructors & Degree certificates  of class coach from WFKA, and to  the Presidents of the Ukranian Unions, Mr. Edward Dvortski & the Colonel Professor Boris Shapovalov.  And the second session in a manner of self-defense and protection of dignitaries within the Kowat Alrami methods, in officers Police institute.

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